My Teaching Philosophy

My work, my research, and particularly my teaching, is focused on integrating critical and applied interdisciplinary environmental and visual studies into the learning experience. Consequently, I explore pedagogical techniques that take students out of the classroom and into engaged learning experiences to aid their scholarship and their research.

Experiential Learning through Fieldtrips and Media

In the ANT 4403 Environment and Cultural Behavior class that I taught for four years, I used fieldtrips with local scholars and field experts to get students outside of the classroom and engage in hands-on scholarship. I have taken my classes to the Natural Areas Teaching Lab on campus so that the students could learn basic principles of ecology like habitat fragmentation, ecosystem dynamics of upland pine and hardwood forests, and then apply these concepts through a role-playing exercise in which they are grouped into dairy-farmers, local residents, ecotourists, and conservationists to understand how environmental policy is values-contingent.